Yuan Tung Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd.

buy/sell, import/export

Company Profile:

Our main business consists of mixed scrap metal trading. We buy/sell, import/export scrap copper, aluminum, stainless steel waste 304/316 and other non-ferrous metals.

Yuan Tung began its business in scrap metal recycling, specializing in scrap aluminum in 1997. By 2007, our business expanded internationally as we began to import and export various metals to China and South Korea. In 2012, Yuan Tung relocated to a new lot to accommodate our growing business. Yuan Tung currently sits on a 5000 square meter lot, carrying various machinery to operate different daily activities. Our in lot technology enables us to sort, dismantle, compress and support other processing capabilities.

As an industry leader in Taiwan, we continue to diversify our business strategy, improve team experience, while upholding the integrity and quality for our customers.

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Main Business

  • Mixed Scrap Metal Trading

  • Scrap Copper

  • Scrap Aluminum

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • Waste Trading

  • Import and Export Trade

Product List

Scrap copper, bright copper, red copper, copper motors, brass hair wire, waste red brass, phosphor bronze, brass scrap, 85 brass, bronze, bronze tank, bronze chips, bronze wire, recycled copper blue, water heater copper, scrap wire, aluminum, UBC aluminum - aluminum 5 series / 6 series / 7 series, newspaper printing plate, car rims, aluminum powder, aluminum, casting materials, aluminum row - extruded, scrap zinc, scrap nickel (steel scrap), and much more!